9Wishes Hydra Ampule Cream 50ml
This Hydra Ampule Cream Provides exceptional moisture, comfort to the skin and protects against environmental stress and dryness. Including Patent Ingredient: N COHC-65. Gel type Cream Texture applies refreshingly. 43% of Coconut Water makes moisture layer and hydrates your skin promptly....
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9Wishes Hydra Moisturising Set
A powerful line of ampule-serums targeting various skin impurities that you can choose daily depending on your skin condition. * Deep hydration* From rough and dry skin to glowing and moisturizing skin condition.* For dehydrated skin condition* Deep hydration (Hyaluronic...
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9Wishes Pine Treatment Cream 50ml
Features -Contains 56% pine needle extract to help cleanse the skin.-It contains HuPura-THA patented ingredients, which has a great effect on skin moisturization and nutrition.-7-pore improvement effect (pore volume, area, density, number, depth, texture, filling improvement)   How to Use...
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9Wishes Rice Radiance Cream 50ml
Product DescriptionThis natural rice powder scrub gently removes dead skin cells, sebum and blackheads and supply moisture to your skin with affluent mineral. Micro-ground rice contains vitamin A and E and mineral amino acids and it helps to brighten your...
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☘️Product description :Heartleaf, Ceramide, & Panthenol ingredients strengthen the skin barrier✔️ Heartleaf: Pure extract only from good Korean Heartleaf✔️ Ceramide: Prevent the skin from drying out✔️ Panthenol: Regenerate the thin skin barrierWith these 3 solutions it can balance the water-...
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Anua Heartleaf 78% Soothing Cream (100ml)☘️Product description :When the skin is sensitive, it's time to calm it down with a heartleaf.Five types of moisturizing components that keep the moisture barrier for a long time.✔️ Hyaluronic acid: Deeply boosts moisture into...
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AXIS-Y Cera Heart My Type Duo Cream 60ml
A “U Zone” and “T Zone” based cream to tend to your skin’s year-round, ever-changing moisturizing needs for a youthful, nourished glow.- two unique formulas to tend to any moisturizing need- hydrates oily skin without a greasy feeling- softens and...
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AXIS-Y Heartleaf My-Type Calming Cream 20ml / 60ml
A light-textured and effective soothing cream that calms down irritated skinIts unique light formulation creates a refreshing and calm experience as it moisturizes and soothes the skin. Who It’s For:Suitable for all skin types, it may be used during both...
RM75.00 from RM15.00
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AXIS-Y Self Care Set - Limited Edition Gift Box
My AXIS-Y Self Care Set is our very first limited edition, deluxe mini set ─ a gift by and for our community that’s just in time for the holidays.Our limited edition set contains just what you need for inner and...
RM150.00 RM110.00
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Benton Cacao Moist And Mild Cream 50g
Product Description 1. Benton's Cacao Moist And Mild Cream is a light weight cream with a velvety smooth texture.2. Contains Cacao extracts and Hyaluronic Acid to infuse a wealth of hydration to your skin.3. Various botanical extracts further provide your...
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Benton Let's Carrot Moisture Cream 50g
BENTON Let's Carrot Moisture Cream 50gNourishing Care Derived from Nature The carotene and ingredients in carrots that nourish the skin with abundant nutrition provide healthy nourishment for the skin and protect the skin.Glossy Skin Balance Care Various botanical oils fill...
RM90.00 RM63.00
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Cosrx AC Collection Ultimate Spot Cream 30g
COSRX AC Collection helps alleviate skin problems. It received the best results from clinical tests on acne-prone and hypoallergenic skin. The products contain essential ingredient that systematically control for excess sebum, enlarged pores, dead skin cells, skin irritation and other...
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Cosrx Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream 80g
The COSRX Balancium Comfort Ceramide Cream 80g is a lightweight facial moisturizer that soothes irritated skin while protecting skin barrier. This product provides non-sticky moisture, suitable for all skin types (oily, dry, dehydrated, combination, sensitive skin) while giving the skin soothing, healing,...
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Cosrx Cica-7 Relief Kit 1 review
RM100.00 RM60.00
Cosrx Cica-7 Relief Kit
COSRX Cica-7 Solution line provides soothing, calming, strengthening, and skin protection.   WHY IT'S SPECIAL: Formulated with CICA-7 Complex and Pinus Pinaster Bark Extract, this mixture has the highest Cica content providing a triple calming effect which helps recover/strengthen weak...
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Cosrx Honey Glow Kit
RM100.00 RM60.00
Cosrx Honey Glow Kit
Black Bee Propolis line containins naturally originated moisturizing ingredients which will make your skin glow and smooth without leaving any residue on the skin.   WHY IT'S SPECIAL: Benefits of Propolis: Consisting of black bee propolis extract, honey extract, and royal...
RM100.00 RM60.00
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Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion 20ml / 100ml
Product Features The omnipotent OIL-FREE Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap for all your needs !The omnipotent, all-in-one OIL-FREE Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap is designed to hydrate with excellent spreadability to easily absorb into the skin for a smooth, silky...
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Dear Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++ 40ml
Klairs’ unique smart color system is suitable for any skin type and tone. Get more than just skin enhancing coverage and save your precious time in the morning and finish the base makeup with the Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream that...
RM85.00 RM67.50
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Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream 60ml
The concentrated formula of the Rich Moist Soothing Cream provides immediate, long-term moisture for a more radiant, hydrated complexion. This cream works deep within the skin to provide much needed soothing and moisture. Infused with yeast-derived beta glucan, it supports...
RM93.00 RM75.00
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Dear Klairs Soothing Trial Kit
Product Description Dear Klairs Soothing Trial Kit consists of: 1. Klairs Supple Preparation Toner (Miniature) x 1EAOver 98% customers satisfaction with proven soothing and hydrating effect after using this toner. 2. Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream 3ml x 2EAPut an...
RM35.90 RM32.31
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Dr.Jart+ Cicapair Calming Gel Cream 80ml
Product Description A ultra-light Cicapair calming gel cream by Dr Jart+ to calm sensitive, irritated, inflamed skin.Cicapair Calming Gel Cream soothes skin damage caused by dryness, irritation, and inflammation. It’s formulated with an advanced, Nolsome Capsule, which features a double-layer structure...
RM208.00 RM135.00
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Etude House Soon Jung 2X Barrier Intensive Cream 60ml
Contains 93% naturally derived ingredients and minimal ingredients to balance, hydrate, and soothe skin with every use. Benefits:- Panthenol, a skin-benefitting compound closely related to Vitamin B5, delivers deep hydration while madecassoside, derived from Centella asiatica, repairs skin damage. -...
RM50.00 RM35.00
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Etude House SoonJung Hydro Barrier Cream 75ml
SoonJung 2021 NEW - Hydro Barrier Cream gently soothes stressed skin caused by external irritation and dryness. -This hypoallergenic pH 5.5 gel cream enriched with 92.2% hydrating and moisture retaining ingredients. -Contains panthenol and madecassoside for skin soothing and damage...
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G9 Skin White in Whipping Cream 50g
 9 whitening ingredients delivers instant tone up effect -Added with 9 moisturizing ingredients help to keep skin hydrated -Certified anti-wrinkle ingredient adenosine prevent aging signs How to use In the Morning -Use on its own or before applying makeup to...
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Haruharu Honey Green Aqua Bomb Cream 38g
An intensely hydrating gel-like moisturizer. Made from fermented green tea and honey.What it does: Moisturizing, Brightening, Anti-inflammation, and Regeneration (anti-wrinkle)Directions:After toner, take an appropriate amount and spread out from the inside of the face outward and tap to absorb.Other Info:Our...
RM70.00 RM57.00
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