Bouquet Garni Fragranced Body Lotion 200ml
 Size: 200mlBenefits:   A hypoallergenic body lotion with 5 types of fragrance: White Musk, Clean Soap, Ylang Ylang, Baby Powder, Vanilla Musk.   Enriched with Panthenol and Shea Butter for deep hydration and nourishment, leaving a revitalized, healthy-looking complexion.  ...
RM75.00 RM42.00
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Innisfree Aloe Revital Soothing Gel 300ml
PRODUCT FEATURES1. Contains 93% extract of Jeju organic aloe extractAloe gel-like extract inside the leaves contains more amino acid and moisture than its leaves and any other parts of aloe, which helps soothes the skin exposed under UV rays and...
RM35.00 RM25.90
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Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Oil 150ml
A moist cleansing oil which effectively dissolves makeup and cleanses your skin of impurities while providing intense hydration. This results in dewy, soft, and moisturized skin.1) Formulated with Beauty Green Tea, enriched with 3.5 times more 16 amino acids than...
RM75.00 RM52.50
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