Neogen Vita Duo Joan Day Joan Night Cream 50g + 50g
Product descriptionNeogen teamed up with beauty influencer Joan Kim to create the ultimate day and night cream duo. The two different yet complementary formulas are conveniently housed in one jar.The nourishing Joan Day Vita Cream gives skin a morning boost...
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Neogen Skin Care Trial Kit
Experience and try the NEOGEN's 5 Best products on the reasonable price! Start the happy skincare with Neogen!Suggested Use1. Wipe the makeup and straighten your skin condition with "Calendula Cleansing Water"2. Wipe your skin one of the two bio-peel guase...
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Neogen Real Cica Pad 90 Pads
Skin Barrier Recovery + Calming Hydration + Skin Protecting + Dead Skin PeelingA skin-calming recovery cica pad soothes the irritated and sensitized skin while reinforcing the skin barrier. Cica repair essence & PHA moisture peeling ingredient supplies skin-calming hydration while...
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Neogen A-Clear Aid Soothing Essence Pad
NEOGEN DERMALOGY A-CLEAR SOOTHING PAD is a 3-layered structure essence pad soaked with highly enriched essence that offers gentle removal of dead skin cell and impurities while controlling sebum balance and calming irritated skin.The patented unique 3-layer pack pad delivers...
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Neogen Real Fresh Cleansing Stick Green Tea 80g
A cleansing stick formulated with naturally derived ingredients with effective natural cleansing benefits. Further embedded with real crushed green tea leaves, experience the added benefits of soft exfoliation while the skin cleansing formula works to remove makeup, impurities, and dirt...
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Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling 30 pcs
Which skin type is it good for?✔ Normal✔ Oily✔ Combination✔ Dry✔ SensitiveWhat it is:A manual exfoliator that promotes visibly clear, smooth, and bright skin.Solutions for:- Uneven skin tone- Dullness and uneven texture- Irritation and rednessIf you want to know more…These...
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Neogen Real Ferment Micro Essence 20ml / 150ml
Product FeaturesWater, The First Ingredient Introduced to The Skin. Natural Fermented Water instantly provides benefits of moisturizing, skin-plumping, and brightening for a dewy glass skin.Experience Real Skin Power with Real Skin Essence!How To UseAfter cleansing and toning every morning and...
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Neogen Real Vita C Serum 33ml
Super potent Vitamin C Serum is enriched with Niacinamide and 22% of Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate - a stabilized source of vitamin C - along with citrus fruit extracts and vitamin complex (Vitamin E, Vitamin B5) that all work together to brighten...
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Neogen Real Charcoal Pad 60 Pads
The charcoal pad is enriched with natural peat water and charcoal powder, which effectively draw out skin impurities and wastes. Centella asiatica helps soothe the skin, while pixalia works to reduce excess sebum and supports the skin balance for a...
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Neogen Real Fresh Foam Cleanser 160g
Product Features1) Green Tea: Gentle and hydrating foam cleanser formulated with natural ingredients and featuring 100% real green tea freshly delivers soothing and skin refreshing benefits with every cleansing experience. Its hypoallergenic foamy lather smoothly cleanses away all impurities, wastes,...
RM85.00 RM38.00
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Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro Toner 150ml
Neogen Dermalogy Real Ferment Micro TonerA mildly acidic soothing toner formulated with 90% Bio Ferment Complex, known to improve and strengthen the skin barrier, and AHA/BHA/PHA/LHA ingredients effectively proven to cleanse away dead skin cells and pick up pore residue...
RM80.00 RM52.00
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