The YEON Canola Honey Glowful Cream 100ml
Multi-functional honey cream formulated with fluidization technique (transparent cosmetic composition). The patented cosmetic formula type enables skin to be perfectly hydrated by maintaining the balance between natural oil and moisture in the skin. The featured ingredient honey draws moisture in...
RM120.00 RM60.00
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The YEON Vita 7 Energy Peeling Gel 100ml
The moment you need keratin care!Vitamin bomb hypoallergenic peeling gel AHA, BHA, and natural cellulose formula exfoliates the skin and wrinkles replenishing vitamins and nutrients to make it smooth and shiny. Structured with 7 multi-vitamin complex transforms dull to lively...
RM75.00 RM45.00
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The YEON Lotus Root 365 Moisture Capsule Essence 50ml
Double Care Essence to Hydrate and Brighten at Once! Recommended for those with Sensitive and Dry skin. Lotus Root Capsule Essence wth 30% Lotus Root extract Ceramide Oil prevents evaporation of water and helps to maintain skin hydration, while improving...
RM112.00 RM63.00
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The YEON Canola Honey Propolis Ampoule 50ml
The YEON Jeju Canola Honey Ampoule that is packed with hydration to support firm and healthy skin. It features 30% propolis extract and 10% canola honey extract from the mountains of Jeju Island. Highly moisturizing and nourishing anti-wrinkle ampoule contains...
RM112.00 RM60.00
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The YEON Canola Honey Essential Serum 200ml
Honey Essential serum is formulated to maintain the perfect balance between natural oil and moisture in skin for hydrated and smooth skin. Honey draws moisture in the air into skin serving as a natural moisturizer and helps maintain resilient skin....
RM120.00 RM55.00
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The YEON Jeju Canola Honey Clean Balm 80ml
Silky Sorbet Cleansing with Jeju Canola Honey to Moisturize and Protect! Containing Jeju Canola Honey, this white sherbet balm type is soft, but has a strong cleansing effect that delivers excellent moisturizing effect at the same time for no dry...
RM80.00 RM40.00
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The YEON Toning 7 Radiance Liquid Cream 200ml
Squeeze out the cream and spread it on you skin and it will be deeply absorb. Liquid type of cream which makes your skin glow and moisturized! It absorbs so fast into your skin and balances your skin with adequate...
RM80.00 RM59.00
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The YEON Yo-Woo Gommage Peeling Gel 100ml
Peeling Gel removes dead skin cells and impurities without irritation * Derived from natural cellulose, this cleansing formula gently eradicates dead skin cells and impurities. It helps improve the function of the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin) and cultivate...
RM63.00 RM30.00
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The YEON Jeju Canola Honey Clean Foam 150ml
A Supple moisturizing honey cleansing foam. From the stickiness of honey, the foam lather formed will intensively clean out impurities between pores and fine lines. Jeju canola honey extract, Propolis Extract helps soften the skin and soothe sensitive skin irritation....
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The YEON Vita7 Daily-C Foam Cleanser 150ml
Vita7 Daily-C FOAM CLEANSER - Foam cleanser that can make your face brightener every day with a vitamin face wash - Triple whitening care with Jeju Hallabong + 7 kinds of vitamin complex + lemon peel oil - Micro-bubbles close...
RM40.00 RM35.00
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The YEON Vita7 C-Nergy Vitamin Cream 100ml
[The YEON] Vita7 C-Nergy Vitamin Cream / 100ml 3-IN-1 + VITAMIN BRIGHTENING + DARK SPOT CARE + DAILY MOISTURIZING Refreshing vitamin! Charged brightening! 7 multivitamins derived from Hallabong and Tangerine blend of to transform dark and dull to bright and...
RM50.00 RM32.80
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The YEON Vita Fresh Gel Sun Screen SPF50+/PA+++ 50ml
A hibrid Sunscreen (Chemical Sunscreen + Physical Sunscreen) . 🌟Main Effect🌟 -Whitening -Sun block -Wrinkle improvement 🌟Suggested Usage🌟 Take desired amount and apply evenly in areas susceptible to exposure to UV rays.
RM55.00 RM39.00
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