3W Clinic Intensive UV / Vita Moist / Collagen / Multi Protection Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ 70ml
This soft cream type sun screen could be spread softly on face which then protects skin from sun and its moisturizing component provides water to the face keeping it moist. Contains aloe extract which relieves skin irritation, and protects from...
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3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunstick Balm SPF50+ PA++++ 10g
Treatment for Sun Protection, UVA/UVB protection. It is an aqua sun stick balm that is lightly applied and gently adheres to the skin. Helps maintain healthy skin by blocking UVA/UVB. Perfect for reapplying applications on top of your makeup throughout...
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9Wishes Hydra Ampule Cleanser 200ml
Feature-Hypoallergenic cleanser with 51% coconut water for moisturizing and nourishing-Moisturizing cleansing without shine because it contains water-soluble ampoules rather than oilRecommend-People with sensitive skin that do not fit the oil-People who want moist skin even after washing face-Those who want...
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9Wishes Hydra Ampule Cream 50ml
This Hydra Ampule Cream Provides exceptional moisture, comfort to the skin and protects against environmental stress and dryness. Including Patent Ingredient: N COHC-65. Gel type Cream Texture applies refreshingly. 43% of Coconut Water makes moisture layer and hydrates your skin promptly....
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9Wishes Hydra Ampule Sheet Mask 5EA
A moisture ampoule sheet mask that contains the nutrition of a bottle of ampoule and gives you a moisturizing feeling. Infused with Hydra Skin Ampule Serum, the Hydra Ampule Sheet Mask provides exceptional skin hydration.The test resulted in a moisturizing...
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9Wishes Hydra Ampule Toner 150ml
9wishes Perfect Hydra Ampule Serum changes to toner. This Hydra Ampule Toner instantly provides hydration and nourishes while minimizing sebum levels. This unique formula locks in moisture and leaves the skin looking soft, flawless and refreshed. Including Patent Ingredient: N COHC-65. Sticky...
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9Wishes Hydra Moisturising Set
A powerful line of ampule-serums targeting various skin impurities that you can choose daily depending on your skin condition. * Deep hydration* From rough and dry skin to glowing and moisturizing skin condition.* For dehydrated skin condition* Deep hydration (Hyaluronic...
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9Wishes Pine Treatment Cream 50ml
Features -Contains 56% pine needle extract to help cleanse the skin.-It contains HuPura-THA patented ingredients, which has a great effect on skin moisturization and nutrition.-7-pore improvement effect (pore volume, area, density, number, depth, texture, filling improvement)   How to Use...
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9Wishes Rice 72% White Lucent Serum 50ml
Product DescriptionTraditional beauty regime ingredient rice water contains rich amount of vitamin E. Rice rich nutrition rice water gives bright moisture skin care, Strong moisture gives all day hydrated silky skin.How to use Apply appropriate amount onto face as the...
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9Wishes Rice Foaming Cleanser 120ml
 9WISHES Rice Foaming Cleanser 120ml With Micro-ground Rice Powder 1. Non irritation daily exfoliating cleanser with fine rice powder. - Uses natural Korean rice powder instead of micro plastic beads to remove dead skin cells, blackheads, and sebum - Fine...
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9Wishes Rice Powder Polish 100ml
Product DescriptionPacked with micro-ground rice powder and infused with rice bran water, this gentle exfoliating cleanser releases dead surface skin cells while moisturizing, visibly bright-ening and exceptionally softening the skin.How to useGently massage on moist skin, avoding the eye area,...
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9Wishes Rice Radiance Cream 50ml
Product DescriptionThis natural rice powder scrub gently removes dead skin cells, sebum and blackheads and supply moisture to your skin with affluent mineral. Micro-ground rice contains vitamin A and E and mineral amino acids and it helps to brighten your...
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9Wishes Rice Water Sheet Mask 10EA
Product DescriptionMask pack with rich nutrition of rice that doesn't dry out, Brightening-100% Natural rice ingredients make the skin more bright and healthy. Moisturizing- Provides moisture to dry skin with natural ingredients. Nourishing-Natural ingredients deliver rich nutrients to the skin....
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9Wishes Sun Moisturizer SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml
9WISHES, the brand promises to improve the skin's condition in 9 different aspects with its range of 100% Korean-made products 9WISHES Sun Moisturizer A tri-functional product: UV protection(SPF50+ PA+++) + whitening + anti-wrinkle. Formulated with patented “SM Calming Newplex-8” for...
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Acwell No5.5 pH Balancing Micro Cleansing Foam 140ml
DescriptionWith a low pH level, this cleanser effectively removes dust and impurities from skin while keeping it in a healthy, balanced state. The hypoallergenic, sensitive skin-friendly formula contains licorice root extract to protect skin from environmental stressors and allantoin to...
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Always Be Pure Marine Therapy Spot Clear Vital Essence 30ml / 120ml
Size: 30ml / 120mlMarine Therapy Spot Clear Vital EssenceExperience the Magical Pink Energy!For brighter and vital skin A gift from the sea for a dark and dull skin tonePoint 01 - Amazing Skin Protection Effect from Pink PhytoplanktonPoint 02 -...
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Always Be Pure Moon Cat Sleeping Mask 150ml
While you sleep, the freshest and high - quality green tea recovers your rough skin after a tough dayPoint 1 | 150ml big volume and sanitary for entire familyNatural and vegan ingredients for entire family. The skincareproduct for all age...
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Anua 5 Zero Mild Sun Cream (50ml)☘️Product description :A physical sunscreen that builds a layer to protect the skin from UV rays.✔️ Chemical sunscreens - Chemical sunscreens absorb UV rays to block them chemically✔️ Physical sunscreen - Physical sunscreen creates...
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🌿 [Anua] Heartleaf 70% Daily Relief Lotion🌿Non-stick safe calming lotion ~! ✨✅lotion containing 70% Heartleaf extract, proven to be good for treating problem skin and relieving acne.👉 contains 70% heartleaf extract👉 contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid to moisturize👉 contains...
RM90.00 RM72.00
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☘️Product description :Heartleaf, Ceramide, & Panthenol ingredients strengthen the skin barrier✔️ Heartleaf: Pure extract only from good Korean Heartleaf✔️ Ceramide: Prevent the skin from drying out✔️ Panthenol: Regenerate the thin skin barrierWith these 3 solutions it can balance the water-...
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Features1) A mud cream mask containing 70% Eoseongcho extract, which is excellent for skin improvement and trouble care.2) It is a micro-clay formulation that cleanly cleans away impurities in pores and helps manage soft skin texture.3) The original color of...
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Anua Heartleaf 77% Pad (70pads)☘️Product description :It contains 77% Heartleaf extract Toner and is good at cleansing the remaining dirt on the face as well as soothing the skin. It can also be used as a sheet mask.✔️ Double sided...
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Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner 250ml☘️Product description :Toner that contains 77% Heartleaf extract which is good for soothing acne-prone skin without causing irritation.✔️ Optimizes skin moisture & oil balance✔️ Cleans dead Skin Cells without irritation ✔️ Zero harmful ingredients with...
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Anua Heartleaf 78% Soothing Cream (100ml)☘️Product description :When the skin is sensitive, it's time to calm it down with a heartleaf.Five types of moisturizing components that keep the moisture barrier for a long time.✔️ Hyaluronic acid: Deeply boosts moisture into...
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