MOTHER-K Miracle Maternity Pad (10pcs)
Upgraded touch! Feel free to use at wounds!Soft cotton pad makes you feel comfortable without any irritation to the wounded area.Premium Embo Air HoleYou can feel fresh with premium embo aire hole enhancing instant absorption power and excellent breathability.Rapid power...
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MOTHER-K Sterilized Tooth Wipe (30pcs)
This tooth wipes consist of 30 individual sachet of wipe. It used high pressure and high temperature steam sterilization. Production according to quasi-drug standard. Directions:- Before using oral wipe, please wash your hands thoroughly.- Roll oral wipe on your index...
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MOTHER-K Nail Care Set (3pcs)
Newborn has nails & fingers so soft & small, to minimize hurting their fingers, it is highly recommended to use scissors instead of clippers. When babies are 3 months old & above, a longer blade/stronger scissors is required to better...
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MOTHER-K Honeycomb Breastpad (120pcs)
Mother-K Honeycomb Breast Pad now come with honeycomb pattern structure for fast absorption and soft touch of 3mm thin of thickness. The honeycomb shapes helps evenly dispersion of the breast milk and absorbs quickly. The touch of pure cotton and...
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MOTHER-K Cotton Bud (300pcs)
Mother-K Newborn Cotton Buds-100% cotton swabs made specially for newborns. 100% cotton is being used as material for the buds so there is no irritability to sensitive skin. Best for infants, 2 types of designs (spiral curves and slim thin...
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MOTHER-K Breast Feeding Tissues (40pc)
This Breastfeeding tissue use 100% purified water without alcohol and any fragrance. Perfect to use on Sensitive Skin for mother and baby with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.• the softness of 100% purified water• certified 100% cotton• 2 piece package for convenient•...
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